It was 10 years ago…

I was frustrated every time I had to go and buy new clothes, especially pants: I struggled finding the right format and size for me.

I was ashamed of my legs, so only on very very very hot days I would wear shorts or short skirts.

I never looked at myself naked in the mirror.

Having sex was another chance for me to feel so much shame around my body.

At the beginning I thought ‘It is what it is. I got my grandma’s big fat legs’. Then, after a few years, at a point of major shifts in my life, I realised that I need to do something about it. I started going to the gym, for 1, 2 or maximum 3 months. Then, I said to myself ‘I don’t have time to do this anymore’. I would stop for a year, and then come back. Then I would start doing things at home (exercising). Again, I would do my squats or my planks for a few days, maybe for a few weeks and then used any kind of excuse to stop: ‘I am too tired’, ‘It doesn’t work’, ‘I’ve done enough’.

All of these, they were just desperate attempts to get results and believing that there are shortcuts and that I should see the results immediately after I start. It wasn’t until 2021 that I discovered the holy grail: CONSISTENCY!

In 2021, on the background of multiple other shifts in my life, I committed to exercising for 10 – 15 – 30 minutes a day (95% of the days). It became part of my morning routine. And my eyes weren’t on the scale or on how I looked in the mirror. Instead, I focused only on doing my routing every single morning, no excuses. The result? I got 12-kg lighter and started to feel amazing in my own body.

All these wouldn’t have been possible without that one key element: CONSISTENCY! Whenever you believe that you found the secret ingredient, recipe and hack for getting your dream come true, remember that there is nothing like CONSISTENCY. Stay consistent in going after your dream! Focusing on the consistency rather than on the results is the actual hack to getting that dream you have been dreaming about for so long. 

👉 Having some doubts about the amazing power of CONSISTENCY? Awesome! Test it! Choose something to do on a daily basis that will push you forward on your way to that big dream of yours and stay consistent with it for at least 6 months. Keep a journal of your progress and how you feel about yourself in this process. Amazing things are about to manifest in your life. And don’t take my word for granted. Do test it!


Sending you a lot of love,

Andreea XOXO