You wouldn’t expect to read that on a selflove website & blog, right? Well, the reality is that whenever we get obsessed with a subject we dismiss important opposite ideas that might actually be really helpful to consider in order to live an even more beautiful inner experience. So here it is:

Selflove is not everything!

In our pursuit to become better, we discover a lot of tools for introspection, a lot of tools for going inwards. I am for sure one of the promoters of this movement with my book, my 1-on-1 coaching program, my digital selflove reminders and journal and all the free content I am sharing on social media. 

But, in the past few months, from time to time I get this strong voice in my heart saying that I am barely scratching the surface with this focus on selflove. On top of that, I am also getting more and more aha moments on the power of communities and same-intentions groups of like-minded people. 

The lesson that I want to share with you is that selflove is just a tool (one of the many) to use in order to get to an even more profound inner experience. Sometimes you might need to use this tool, while some other times you might need other tools like communities, connection, going in the middle of people to get deeper. 

Like with anything in life, balance is what we should strive for. Having at all times contexts that can nurture your introspection as well as contexts that nurture your togetherness is just another way to get the most out of this beautiful life.

👉 Now, I am curious: what was your biggest intake as you were reading this? Share with me and let’s start a conversation around balance, communities and selflove. 

Balance, communities, selflove, introspection, togetherness are all just different perspectives on the same reality, different tools to achieving the same end goal: having the best inner experience life has to offer 🫶


Sending you a lot of love,

Andreea XOXO