Short guided meditation (setup your day ahead) 🇬🇧

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Our mornings and their routines are the no.1 predictors for how our day will unfold. Check out this guided meditation on handpan music as your guide to bringing your moment to connect with yourself, to setup your intentions for today right after you woke up. Let kindness and softness show your way back to amazing mornings and beautiful days.



Your day is majorly influenced by what you do in the first minutes and hours after you wake up. What if you were to take some time just for yourself before really starting your day? Now you can do so with this 12-minutes guided meditation on handpan music that will allow you to connect with your inner self and setup an amazingly beautiful day for yourself in this way. Get your copy now and enjoy this meditation as often as you feel the calling. 

👉 This meditation is in English (you might get the vibe even if you don’t understand the language). After you have made the purchase for this meditation, you will get an 🌟instant e-mail with your meditation that you can listen whenever you feel like connecting back to your beautiful soul.


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