Soul Sessions

Discover inner peace and embrace soul sessions for self-care and serenity trough a guided medition and live handpan concert

You run around doing things for others, taking care of your to-do list, making sure that you meet the deadlines you have at work, paying attention to the time you offer to your family members and so on… but where do you put in your calendar some time for yourself? Some time to really check in with your soul to see how you really feel?

The time for just that can be at the end of the workweek, right before the weekend starts. And that Friday evening is your time for peacefulness and silence at Soul Session.

Soul Session was a concept born when I’ve come to the realization that there is a wiser voice inside of us. Deep down, we are wise and kind, and patient and loving. The only challenge is that the noise (actual noise, but even more emotional and mental noise) we constantly live in is making as deaf to that wise self.

But not anymore. Soul Session is an oasis of acceptance, kindness and love. Through guided meditation on live handpan music you get a chance to dive really deep in your heart and soul to listen to that wise voice. 

A Soul Session is a Gateway to:

💫 a moment of relaxation for you at the end of the week

💫 a chance to allow your emotions to be felt, to be experienced

💫 your context to feel accepted, loved, cared for

💫 the place to learn about kindness and gentleness towards yourself

💫 the group of people with the same intentions, creating a safe space for you to just be

Allow yourself some time for recharging, taking care of yourself, letting yourself just be. I will be your guide for the guided meditation while Mario Pleșoiu will be your musical guide with the awesome handpan.


“The first Soul Session course was very special for me, as it was also my first guided meditation experience. Andreea guided us with a warm and gentle voice on a wonderful journey to our inner selves, and Mario’s live handpan music was truly magical. The candlelight, the energy, and the beautiful studio space created a unique, intimate, and genuinely relaxing atmosphere.”

Maria I.

“From the moment I heard about Soul Session and that it would feature live handpan music, I knew I had to experience it. I was familiar with this type of music, but it was the first time I participated in a guided meditation with such live music. The combination was perfect. I was able to relax deeply, guided by Andreea and supported by the sounds created by Mario. I connected with my inner self, that state of presence where you always find peace and truth. After the session, I left feeling more relaxed, balanced, and with greater clarity.”

Georgiana C.

“Guided meditation during a handpan concert? AWESOMEEEEE!!! Clearly, it’s something that can’t be put into words; I invite you to discover an oasis of relaxation, meditation, scents, and light with Andreea and Mario. And the cherry on top… you also get to be with cool people who share a bit of their light and joy! I challenge you to have the courage to participate… you might really like it! Wink wink 🤭”

Elena M.

Take the First Step

Come as you are and let the music, and the meditation embrace you in a warm hug of tranquility 🤗✨ Spread the positive energy and invite your friends to join this soulful experience!