The Selflove Goddess

Online Live Group Program

The time has come for a new era in your life! That dream life, hot body, impressive health and doing your passion as your daily job is now available, reachable and possible for you!

Welcome to The Selflove Goddess era in your life, starting 14th of March!

Regular price: 200€

Special launch price: 150€

No more sorry-a** excuses to not living the live you dream about!

This transformative 4-Week Program starting on the 14th of March is life-changing!

Are you tired of feeling unfulfilled, anxious, or constantly seeking validation from others? Do you want to break free from self-doubt and embrace the radiant power of self-love? If the answer is yes, then you’re in the right place! And I know the answer is always YES!

Welcome toThe Selflove Goddess’, the transformational program designed to guide you on a profound inner exploration and help you cultivate genuine love and compassion for yourself. This course is your invitation to embark on a life-changing adventure towards self-discovery, empowerment, and lasting happiness.

Why Self-Love Matters?

Self-love is not a luxury; it’s a fundamental necessity for a fulfilling and harmonious life. When you genuinely love and accept yourself, you open the doors to a world of possibilities:

Inner Peace: Free yourself from the chains of negative self-talk and embrace inner peace and tranquility.

Confidence: Boost your self-confidence and step into your power to tackle challenges and seize opportunities with newfound strength. Loving what you see in the mirror becomes your new life.

Healthy Relationships: Nurture healthier relationships by understanding your worth and setting healthy boundaries.

Reduced Stress: Learn powerful techniques to manage stress and embrace a more balanced and centered way of living.

Increased Resilience: Cultivate emotional resilience and bounce back stronger from life’s setbacks and challenges.

Unleashed Potential: Discover your true potential and unlock the hidden talents and creativity within you.

Allow yourself some time for recharging, taking care of yourself, letting yourself just be. 

What you'll experience:

The 4-week journey will guide to the knowledge, tools, and support needed to foster a deep and lasting love for yourself. Here’s what you can expect from ‘The Selflove Goddess’ transformative journey:

Week 1: Foundations of Self-Love
  • Understanding what selflove is and isn’t.
  • Learning why selflove journey is more of an unlearning and unbecoming journey.
  • Discovering what keeps you far from your true being.
Week 2: Selflove mindset
  • Why mindset is your biggest asset and supporter.
  • How to build the mindset for selflove.
  • Tools for nurturing your selflove mindset.
Week 3: Selflove habit
  • Why selflove is a matter of habit more than anything else.
  • Discovering old habits that keep you away from yourself and how to break free from them.
  • Developing new empowering selflove habits.
Week 4: Manifesting Selflove & Celebration
  • Integrate selflove awareness in your daily routine.
  • It’s time to start dreaming and manifesting your dream life now.
  • Celebrating your new found relationship with yourself.

In my own journey of inner work, I have transformed my life that now it’s a source of wonder every day for me:

💫 From being 12 kg-overweight to my ideal body

💫 From a smoker and party-person with lots of cocktails and shots per night, to a non-smoker, alcohol-free, rather-sleep-than-party lifestyle

💫 From eating mostly take out and loving my mid-night chips to becoming a vegan and getting a lot of pleasure from cooking most of my meals

💫 From a yes-person to building the courage to disappoint some of the people in my life to follow my deepest desires

💫 From an I-am-not-enough girl to a woman deeply connected to her feminine energy, sensuality and flowing with grace

So I am the living proof that…

The life that you dream about is indeed possible. And it can be yours!

What are you getting when you buy the ‘The Selflove Goddess’ program?


4 live weekly meetings

Starting 14th of March, we’ll meet up every Thursday in a 2 hours Zoom call to make selflove our day to day reality.


4 workbooks

One workbook for each of our sessions for you to print or to work in a digital format on your tablet.

Extended access to the recorded sessions

You will be able to revisit, to rewatch our sessions together for 1 extra month after the program is over.

Whatsapp support group

The sisterhood within our group will be your support system, your safe space to enjoy your selflove ride.


One extra debriefing live session that will happen one month after the program is over (worth 40 €).


10 empowering reminders bundle for your surroundings (worth 10 ).


Setup-your day meditation to enter your goddess mode every single day (worth 10 €).


30-days selflove challenge digital journal (worth 15 €).


The ‘Greate Like a Goddess’ online course (worth 49 ) – ONLY FOR THE EARLY BIRDS

What you need to know before starting this program together...

  • This is a journey of personal responsibility. Buckle up 🥰
  • The program will not work if you don’t work 🤓. So get ready for courageous action, reflection time and dynamic homework.
  • Let the community feeling inside the Whatsapp group inspire you  to share, support, and learn from other sisters’ journeys.
  • The early bird registration comes with one extra 😱 awesome bonus 😱: the ‘Create Like a Goddess’ online course. You’ll miss this course if you buy the program after the 3rd of March.
  • After the 3rd of March the price goes 🆙 to 150€.
  • There are ⚠️ only 15 spots available ⚠️ in this program now. Make sure you get one of them.
  • This edition of the program might be the only one that will happen in this 🌟live🌟 format. Again, don’t miss it.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If after this program you discover that it didn’t meet your expectations, you feel no change within yourself, you will get your money back when you show me your 4 workbooks filled with your answers.

This process works as long as you allow yourself to dive within and see what you discover. If you do dive deep within and there is still nothing changed in your inner experience, nothing different in your energy, you’ll get your money back.

    Why choose ‘The Selflove Goddess’ program?

    4 live weekly meetings on Zoom

    4 workbooks

    extended access to the recorded sessions (for one extra month)

    Whatsapp support group

    🎁  Bonus #1: One extra debriefing live session

    🎁  Bonus #2: 10 empowering selflove reminders

    🎁  Bonus #3: setup your day meditation

    🎁  Bonus #4: 30 days selflove challenge digital journal

    Regular price: 200€

    Special launch price: 150€

    Take the First Step

    In this journey, I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t, and I am super excited to share them with you. I know how important it is to have a support system on this selflove journey and this is why I am here. Shall we start this journey together now? 

    Join this 4-session self-love program and set your life on a path of genuine self-acceptance, confidence, and unwavering happiness. Your journey to becoming the best version of yourself starts now!